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Hand made. Hand picked. Unforgettable. Nest's artist-made jewelry is made by hand, in the studio, from the finestĀ materials. And our scarves, handbags and wearable accoutrements add personality & panache!
285 results
Boardroom- 86 Brown Demi Stripe Front and Temples
Mariah Medium Convertable Tote
Aimee Front Flap Crossbody
Brass Whistle - EDC
Money Clip - Living Well
Board Stiff- T1 Tortoise Front with Black & Tortoise Temples
Not Tonight- 19 Tortoise & Black Front with Black & Tortoise Temples
User Friendly- 10 Dark Navy Tan Face Front with Tan Temples
Boardroom- 17 Olive Crystal Front and Temples
Waylaid- 21 Light Tortoise Fade Front with Orange Tortoise Temples
Waylaid- 04 Caramel Tortoise Front and Temples
Travel Bag
Travel Bag
Stash Bag
Stash Bag
Soft Bucket Flower Fields Penny Black With Gold Lining- Medium
Soft Bucket Flower Fields Penny Black With Gold Lining- Small
Change Purse
Change Purse
Change Purse Bowl
Rutialted Gold Ring
Turquoise Dot Ring
Moss Aquamarine Ring
Purple Chalcedony Ring
Pink Tourmaline Ring
Chrome Chalcedony Ring
Oxidized Shine Bright Necklace
Gold Shine Bright Necklace
Natural Pearl Necklace
Agate Mirage Pendent Necklace
Chysoprase Pendent Necklace
Labradorite Pendant
Quartz Dendrite Necklace
Green Kyanite Necklace
Turquoise Beauty Pendant
Eclipse Pendent Necklace
Geodes Dangle Earrings
Moonstone Earrings
Herkimer Triangle Earrings
285 results
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