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Hand made. Hand picked. Unforgettable. Nest's artist-made jewelry is made by hand, in the studio, from the finestĀ materials. And our scarves, handbags and wearable accoutrements add personality & panache!
400 results
Coco Hair Claw Set
Rosalie Hair Claw Set
Ellipse Ring Hair Clip
Long Square Hair Clip
Printed Seaweed Gloves
Milk - Small Oval Necklace - Gold
Bliss - Small Open Drop Earrings - Silver
Stone - Small Rectangle Earrings - Gold
Stone - Small Rectangle Necklace - Gold
Black Spinel Flower Necklace
Ruby Scalloped Necklace
Hessonite Tag Necklace
Hessonite/White Moonstone Earrings
Waterfall Solo Earrings - Kyanite
Silver Linings Earrings
Sea Star Solo Earrings
Moon Vision Earrings - Aquamarine & Sapphire
Mini Azalea Pendant
Immersion Solo Earrings - Kyanite
Guardian Ring - Emerald
Azalea Earring
Azalea Earring
Little Paintbrush Hoops in Cranberry
Little Colorloop in Licorice
Tie Dye Scarf
Tie Dye Scarf
Snowflakes & Trees Medium Round Bag
Peppermints Small Relaxed Pouch
Yellow Felt Flowers-Pigtail Set
Soft Pink Felt Flower Headband or Clip
Raspberry Felt Flower Headband or Clip
Mustard Seed Felt Flower Headband or Clip
Lilac Single Bloom Headband or Clip
Fuschia-Pigtail Set
French Vanilla Felt Flower Headband or Clip
Noel Scarf
Noel Scarf
Logan Scarf
Logan Scarf
Nora Fingerless Gloves
400 results
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