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Hand made. Hand picked. Unforgettable. Nest's artist-made jewelry is made by hand, in the studio, from the finest materials. And our scarves, handbags and wearable accoutrements add personality & panache!
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Anywear Light Short-Sleeve Sweater Tee - Sand
Cami Top
Cami Top
Hope- Small Triangle Hoop Earrings
Envy- Dangles Necklace Gold
Large Open Drop Earrings
Small Open Drop Necklace
Small Oval Necklace
Small Oval Earrings
Stone- Stick With Blue Topaz Earrings
Small Oval Earrings
Small Oval Earrings
From $60.00
Moonstone with Pearl Cluster Earrings
Wood Santiago Bracelet
Hematite Box Necklace
Sapphire Ombre Box Bracelet
Tiny Labradorite Box Necklace
Moonstone & Pearl Earring
Tiny Labradorite Box Earring
Heart Necklace- Sterling Silver
Warrior Necklace- Sterling Silver
Sister Necklace- Sterling Silver
Dwell in Hope Necklace- Sterling Silver
Fearless Necklace- Sterling Silver
Loved Necklace- Sterling Silver
You Are Loved Leather Keychain
Home Sweet Home Leather Keychain
Teeny Pebble Necklace
Tiny Teardrop Earrings- Pale Pink
Tiny Geo Studs- White
Tiny Pebble Stud
Carme Necklace- Rain
Ballenas Necklace- Cloudscape
Circinus Necklace- Blush
You're My Person Leather Keychain
Tribe Leather Keychain
Be You Bravely - Rose Gold Leather Bracelet
Be Kind to Yourself - Rose Gold Leather Bracelet
269 results
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