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Hand made. Hand picked. Unforgettable. Nest's artist-made jewelry is made by hand, in the studio, from the finest materials. And our scarves, handbags and wearable accoutrements add personality & panache!
239 results
Love Deeply Necklace
Jolie Capri Satin Pant
Geo Horizon Earrings
Pebble Drop Earrings
Geo Horizon Necklace, 18"
Pebble Necklace 18"
Charlie North/South Tote
Val 4 Pocket Hobo
Sea Urchin Wrap
Sea Urchin Wrap
Psychedelic Wrap
Diamond Star Blanket Wrap
Peachy Boot in Black
Catalina V-Neck Sweater
Amelia Long Sleeve Tee
Tulip Slipper in Kit
White Zircon & Pyrite Pendant Necklace
Tiny Scallops Tanzanite Necklace
Fruit Stand Canvas Tote Bag
Cashmere Breezy Travel Wrap
Flora Clips
Flora Clips
Mia All-Purpose Bag
Mia Small Beach Tote with Strap Handle
Little Colorloop Earring in Cobalt
Small Oval with Turquoise Bracelet in Silver
Large Square Hoop Earrings in Silver
Disc with Pearl Cluster Necklace in Vermeil
Small Bee Necklace in Vermeil
Small Smooth Rectangles Necklace in Vermeil
Karina Convertible Wristlet/Wallet
Catalina Polo Sweater in Sand/Sky
Catalina Polo Sweater in White/Sea Salt
Tiny Ceramic Ring Dish
Makeup Bags- Blush Strawberry Fields
239 results
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