The Veggie Chinese Takeout Cookbook

Being vegan or vegetarian, or wanting to reduce your meat intake, doesn't mean missing out on fantastic takeout favorites. The Veggie Chinese Takeout Cookbook offers over 70 amazing meat-free recipes, most of which can easily be made vegan. Kwoklyn Wan has spent his life cooking in Chinese restaurants and knows how to make your home recipes taste just like takeout.

Chinese food is ideal for a veggie diet as it makes the most of fresh vegetables and meat substitutes, and uses very little dairy – but at the same time packs fantastic flavor into everything. From tom yum soup to spring rolls, fried tofu with chili and black beans or aubergine with sesame seeds, to Hong Kong crispy noodles and sticky rice parcels, you can re-create the tastes of your favorite restaurant quicker than the time it takes to pick up the phone and order.
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