A Treasured Story for Families

"As the zookeeper covers his eyes with his hands, he plays a game of hide-and-seek. The animals in the zoo dash off to find a place to hide. In this rhyming story, follow the zookeeper as he seeks out the animals in their hiding places. The prepositions (i.e. in, on, off into, below, above, near) indicate where the animals are hiding and these words are featured in dark orange font. The richly, shaded colored illustrations provide support to the text by showing the animal and hideout. In the picture, the pig sits below a twig; the frog is crouching on a log. The zookeeper rounds up the animals from the game and takes them for a ride on the zoo’s train. This board book provides opportunities for toddlers to recognize different animals, locate them on the page, and sense the rhythm and rhyme of the language." —Children's Literature Review, 01/2022

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