Market Match-Up!: A Spin, Search, and Sort Game


Spin to win! Collect a rainbow’s worth of colorful fruits, vegetables, and healthy treats from the market. The player with the most items in their basket wins the game. But watch out for the wriggly worm or you’ll have to miss a turn!

Market Match-up combines a memory game with a market theme. Spin the spinner to determine which color produce you need to find from the face-down pieces. You can turn over only one piece to see if it matches. If not, you place it back down but try to remember where it is for matching later in the game. You need a good memory and some luck with the spinner to win! A fun sorting element comes in at the end of the game, where kids can set up their market stall with everything in the correct order to gain extra points. Perfect for 4 players, ages 4+. Includes 4 Market Match-Up baskets, 35 grocery pieces, 1 spinner, and instructions.

Printed on FSC paper and cardstock. Packaging is 75% recycled materials and printed using vegetable inks

• Packaging: Recyclable and Recycled

• Product Materials: Plastic-free

• Production: Ethically sourced

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