wait, WHAT?!!! this is JUST what we need! a little vehicle to be able to bring the joy of Little Notes® to go! you don't put your weeeeed in it, it's for Little Notes, silly! leave a note under someone's windshield. under someone's door mat. a smile for the lady at the bank at the other end of that frightening traveling tube.
chubby, soft, cute, and made of recycled material! (we could say recycled vegan leather but we also really like meatballs) if you like Little Notes® you have to try one, they're the perfect gift for yourself or someone else who loves cute little things.
4" x 3", comfortably holds about 20 Little Notes®, or 1 box of tic tacs. or 6 coiled pony tail holders. or 4 chap sticks. or 36 chiclets. 

Made in United States
Dimensions: 4" l x 3" w


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