Granny may be old, but she’s certainly not feeble – or idle! She’s built a splendid vegetable garden from scratch on the rooftop of her Chengdu apartment building.

She collects thrown-away produce and feeds it to her chicks and geese – or composts it for the garden. 

She waters, weeds, and teaches the neighborhood children to care for the garden like she does: with love, patience, and pride. 

And come harvest time, Granny gathers her fresh produce and cooks up delicious meals for her friends and family…or gives them their own bags of yummy treasures so they can cook on their own!

Debut author/illustrator Tang Wei creates a love letter to an indomitable grandma of the city, inspired by her own childhood and a beloved relative. In rhyming couplets and quatrains reminiscent of Chinese nursery rhymes and folk chants, and vibrant colored pencil drawings, Wei shows how one person can create a beautiful green space in the heart of the concrete jungle, bringing together an entire community.

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