English Cottage 1000 Piece Puzzle


Imagine an afternoon walk along a path in the English countryside and coming across this enchanted and colorful cottage. An open door invites you in for a spot of tea after puttering about in the flower and vegetable garden. Take a moment to enjoy the cat, the lounging dog, and chickens roaming freely among the tulips, all while little rabbits nibble in the garden. Feel the sunlight and smell the fresh earth. Beautifully illustrated by the English artist Victoria Ball.

Victoria Ball lives in the Southwest of England with her husband, two children, and their dog, Dougal. Victoria is inspired by the natural world; her favorite subjects are plants and flowers. Her favorite snack is chocolate, and though it's hard to pick a favorite bird, she loves to see Bullfinches in her garden.

Close the gate, you’re welcome here.
The garden‘s green, the sky is blue.
Let your troubles disappear;
A puzzle waits for you to do.
There’s soup inside; go have a taste.
Delicious as that last piece placed.

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