Clover is an inspiring picture book about decision-making and self-trust when you’re all alone, by critically acclaimed creators Nadine Robert and Qin Leng.

Around Clover’s family’s goat farm, there are plenty of things to do, from picking blueberries to collecting clams. But making decisions, even choosing something to do, is a great source of hesitation for young Clover—that is until one day, the child’s beloved goat, Peony, wanders too far from the farm. In order to bring Peony back home safely, Clover will have to learn to act quickly and decisively.

Winner of the Canadian 2022 Governor’s General’s Literary Award for the French Language edition.

“Lush, finely detailed ink and watercolor artwork forms the basis of this gently suspenseful story . . . A quirky and quiet pastoral tale that offers instruction to young children on independence and decision-making.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Robert captures Clover’s indecision and appeals to the forest’s natural presences (‘Gentle Stream, I need your help’), using each event to illuminate moments of deliberation in which direction and self-assurance flower.” —Publishers Weekly

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