Philippa Roberts

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Bliss- Small Open Drop Earrings- Gold
Bliss- Small Open Drop Necklace in Silver
Bliss- Small Open Drop Necklace- Gold
Chance- Medium Circle Earrings- Gold
Disc with Pearl Cluster Necklace in Vermeil
Labradorite/Blue Topaz/ Larimar Cluster Necklace
Labradorite/Blue Topaz/Larimar Cluster Earrings
Large Square Hoop Earrings in Silver
Milk - Small Oval Earrings
Milk - Small Oval Necklace - Gold
Milk Small Oval Necklace- Silver
Milk-Pebble with Moonstone Necklace
Moonstone with Pearl Cluster Earrings
Small Bee Necklace in Vermeil
Small Circle with Blue Topaz Earrings in Vermeil
Small Open Square Earrings- Gold
Small Open Square Necklace- Gold
Small Oval with Turquoise Bracelet in Silver
Small Smooth Rectangle Earrings-Silver
Small Smooth Rectangles Necklace in Vermeil
Stone - Small Rectangle Necklace - Gold
Stone-Bar with Labradorite Earrings-Gold
Stone-Bar with Labradorite Necklace in Gold
Vesuvianite Triple Drop Earrings-Gold
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