Made for living, our dinnerware, serving pieces and linens are curated for their durability as well as their beauty.
307 results
The Spotted Whale Napkin Weight
Flower Napkin Weight
Butterfly Napkin Weight
Acorn Napkin Weight
Wagon Napkin Weight
Bicycle Napkin Weight
Strawberry Napkin Weight
Wine Bottle Napkin Weight
Dog Bone Napkin Weight
Beach Chair Napkin Weight
Golf Ball Napkin Weight
Infinity Napkin Weight
Monarch Butterfly Napkin Weight
Shallow Serving Bowl: Birds Nest
Pie Plate: Red Stag Dear
Bread Plate: Red Oak Acorn
Bread Plate: Maple Seed
Salad Plate: Red Oak Acorn
Salad Plate: Quail #4
Salad Plate: Quail #3
Salad Plate: Maple Seed
Salad Plate: Magpie
Sugar Bowl: Pinyon Pine Cone
Mug: Turk Squash
Mug: Pinyon Pine Cone
Mug: Sprig
Mug: Sprig
Mug: Pine Needle
Mug: Pine Cone
Mug: Warty Gourd
Tumbler: Strawberry Vine
Tumbler: Apple
Tumbler: Berry Vine
Pearled Spoon
Pearled Spoon
Pearled Double Ice Bucket
Pearled Cheese Knife Set
Pearled Oblong Casserole Caddy
307 results
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