An essential cookbook for vegetarians and vegans, this is the latest in the best-selling Big Book series. And you don't even have to be vegetarian -- just hungry -- to enjoy it. With the abundance of fresh, interesting vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes found in today's markets, variety is now the spice of life for vegetarians too. This fabulous cookbook, overflowing with more than 225 recipes for cooking healthfully and creatively, is a one-stop guide to making the most of seasonal produce. From Eggs Florentine and Parmesan Pesto Sticks with Red Pepper Aioli to Thai Coconut Curry and Saffron Risotto Primavera, the recipes here are hearty and satisfying. This is the best kind of food -- great for everyday and sophisticated enough to please all palates. Add a chapter on meal planning, including handy sample menus, plus sources for unusual ingredients and this big book becomes a big must-have for any home cook, whatever kind of --vore they may be.
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